Since working with Lisa, I have learned to trust my ability to make decisions from my intuition.  Lisa taught me to come back to my breath and connect to myself, allowing my choices to come from a place of love and self-trust, versus fear or self-doubt.
Every session was impactful and covered a wide range of topics.  The changes I have implemented because of working with Lisa have made a profound difference in the quality of my life.


Working with Lisa is a unique and empowering experience.  She artfully blends a practical approach with a strong leaning into her spiritual side.  I have struggled to trust my intuition and embrace my spiritual side – working with Lisa has helped me to think differently and learn to trust my own intuition.  Lisa is insightful and caring, while challenging my preconceptions. Lisa’s gift is in cultivating the space to allow me to listen to my inner voice.   Above all, Lisa is caring, supportive and fun and has helped me to tap into my spirit guides in a totally new way.


As a person who looked to external influences to define “success”, I found myself struggling with self-acceptance. I yearned to quiet my chattering ego and move towards a self-satisfied life. Right away, I knew that partnering with Lisa was the right decision! As I incorporated practices she intuitively determined would be helpful, I was gently brought back to a quieter, wiser “me” that I’d ignored for far too long! Lisa is a wonderfully calm, pragmatic, and caring coach that reminds us that we are our own best teacher. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward into a better relationship with their own spirit.